Introducing the Elgin RegenX Street Sweeper for Sale in Los Angeles

Since 1914, Elgin air sweepers have been cleaning roadways around the country. While Elgin’s equipment have certainly grown and improved since then, their dedication to performance and quality remains unchanged.

Clean streets boost overall community health, make our neighborhoods more attractive, prevent water pollution and improve air quality.

When John Murphy founded Elgin over a hundred years ago, he saw streets filled with debris and filth, and he understood the health hazards they posed. He created the world’s first street sweeper, and today, his legacy lives on in Elgin’s modern sweepers — the toughest, most rugged models on the market.

That legacy carries on in Elgin’s latest model — the RegenX regenerative air street sweeper, designed with input from service technicians, operators, public works directors, fleet managers and other contractors throughout Canada and the United States.

Designing the RegenX Street Sweeper

A special “innovation team” spent months performing research to really understand Elgin’s customers. Through hundreds of interviews and ride alongs on both Elgin sweepers and others, they learned the specific qualities and features that matter most to the user.

That insight was used to develop a prototype, and after taking it to the market, the innovation team continued to gather feedback and implement changes.

That’s how the RegenX was born, a product of countless interviews, conversations and brainstorming sessions and real-world testing.

Easy to Operate, Service and Clean

Elgin RegenX1 street sweeper back view

The RegenX has the same proven technology and quality that make all Elgin street sweepers coveted, but it is easier to operate, service and clean than any other regenerative air sweeper on the market. In fact, the RegenX’s smooth design and 50-degree dump angle make it one of the easiest sweepers to clean, period.

It’s also the only sweeper that can dump into roll-off containers with a 8 square-yard capacity.

Mike Higgins, Elgin’s General Manager and Vice President, credits the innovation team for the RegenX’s success. “The time and effort we invested talking with operators and users ensured we built a product that provides the ultimate user experience in regenerative air sweeping.”

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