Your Community Can Count on Vactor

Each and every day, Vactor equipment from Haaker is working hard across the country to help communities clean, repair and protect their infrastructure. Vactor equipment plays an essential role in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our communities, and municipalities choose Vactor because of their dedication to operating ease, increased productivity, durability and reliability that saves time, effort and money while getting the job done right. 

Vactor Ramjet heavy duty sewer jetter trucks in use

The Right Machines 

Vactor’s range of equipment includes industry-leading combination sewer cleaners, letters, catch basin cleaners and more. Our team is happy to connect you with the right Vactor equipment to handle the toughest jobs while meeting the unique challenges of your community. 

Operator Ease 

What’s the key to driving productivity? Vactor knows the answer is designing equipment that empowers operators while simplifying their work. Vactor’s innovative features and options add precision and speed to every job. Learn about IntuiTouch controls here to see this innovation in action. 

Durability and Reliability 

Quality is at the foundation of every piece of equipment Vactor designs. Features like the Jet Rodder Water Pump increase the lifespan of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs and deliver the highest level of performance. 

Value Without Sacrifice 

Vactor is dedicated to finding ways to increase value while saving municipal taxpayers money. The iMPACT combo sewer cleaner is the perfect example of this, and one of our most recommended pieces of equipment for lowering costs without sacrificing performance and quality. 

In short, Vactor shares the same dedication to quality and reliability that we do here at Haaker. Take a look at our line of Vactor sewer cleaners for sale here, and contact us today to schedule your free demo. 

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