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Learn How a Used Street Sweeper Works and What It Can Do For You

Street sweepers do all the dirty work to keep roads, driveways, runways, parking lots, and industrial estates neat and litter-free.

Tireless Workhorse
Urban settings are often paved, which means they need to be swept to remain clean and safe. The street sweeper was created in response to this need.

Conventional Street Sweepers
These vehicles are equipped with jets that spray the pavement with water to keep dust particles from flying around as spinning brushes scrub the dirt away. A cylindrical brush sweeps the collected debris onto a conveyor belt that leads into a storage container. In lieu of a cylindrical brush, other sweepers are equipped with vacuums that quickly remove debris from the streets.

Learn How a Used Street Sweeper Works and What It Can Do For You

Regenerative Air Sweepers
These machines feature air jets that loosen the dirt from the road, and then guide it towards the center of the truck. A vortex of negative pressure under the truck carries the dirt up into the receptacle at the truck’s rear. The air flowing in the receptacle is filtered and reused to loosen debris on the street, while water is sprayed to prevent dust clouds from forming.

More Practical to Rent or Buy Used
Whether you’re expanding your business or starting a new one, careful thought needs to go into what kind of sweeper you need. Air street sweepers are ideal for light tasks, while water jet models are better suited for heavy-duty jobs. It is advisable to invest in a well-maintained used machine or benefit from street sweeper rental through providers like Haaker Equipment Company.

Used street sweepers equipped with proven designs and technology aren’t as expensive to maintain as new ones. Also, reputable suppliers are able to maintain quality used vehicles for sale and will even take care of after-sales maintenance. Furthermore, those who wish to rent will have access to newer models and technology since they can upgrade the sweeper truck after the rental agreement expires.