Protect Your Environment with the Madvac LR50 Parking Lot Sweeper in Phoenix

Show your residents and businesses your dedication to clean and maintain litter in your environment with the Madvac LR50 parking lot sweeper in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Diego. Featuring innovative ergonomics, industry-leading performance and efficient, fast collection, the LR50 is engineered for greater productivity.


Innovative Ergonomics

The LR50 is an ergo-designed vacuum with multi-directional joystick control. The six position joystick delivers effortless use, and high operation seating boosts both safety on the job and visibility. Full instrumentation includes operator-friendly control panel gauges.


Industry-Leading Performance

Achieve road speeds of up to 12 mph for faster and greater area coverage. Front wheel drive means climbing curbs is easier than ever before, and the industry leading vacuum picks up the heaviest litter. Use the LR50 parking lot sweeper both on-road and off – you can easily access litter on asphalt, concrete and even grassy areas. The LR50 also offers unequalled suction and unrestricted airflow due to 2-stage litter and dust filtration.

Efficient, Fast Collection

The vacuum compacts litter at a 2:1 ration, resulting in 100-120 gallons into a single heavy-duty disposable and re-usable bag. Due to its straight-through suction system, litter is collected up to six times faster than manual litter picking!

There’s nothing like the LR50 parking lot sweeper when it comes to collecting litter on walkways, plazas, alleyways, sidewalks and other areas with high pedestrian traffic. Perfect for tackling the cleaning challenges of today’s busy streets, the LR50 is a high profile, cost-efficient cleaning machine that effectively and safely cleans city sidewalks, streets and parks. Even hard-to-reach places are no match for the robotic vacuum arm. The 270-degree arm movement delivers industry-leading accessibility to litter.

The LR50 is only 48 inches wide, making it perfect for narrow spaces. The 1600 CFM vacuum rating gives it industry-leading vacuum power, and the straight-through suction system compacts litter efficiently. The 15-ft wander hose is perfect for collecting litter in confined, hard-to-reach areas, and there is no CDL required!

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