Powerful Tech in a Compact Package: Vactor’s iMPACT Combo Sewer Cleaner

All municipalities want to save money and time. That’s what drives many to choose combination sewer cleaners, but traditionally, these units are often large and bulky, making them the exact opposite of what highly-populated urban communities need. 

Vactor has answered the call for a more compact combination sewer cleaner with the iMPACT — smaller than traditional combo cleaners but with just as much power. iMPACT’s ability to navigate through the tightest spaces makes it perfect for highly-populated areas, and its versatility is an asset for protecting, repairing and cleaning infrastructure. Operators will love it because of its intuitive controls and optimal comfort, plus features like these: 

  • IntuiTouch control system
  • Low-maintenance Jet Rodder water pump
  • Superior vacuum performance
  • Twist-and-lock pipe restraints
  • High ground clearance
  • Modul-Flex design
  • Quiet engine design 
  • Hose reel that rotates up to 180 degrees
  • Water tanks designed to offer long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Precise digital hose footage counter 

Featuring Revolutionary IntuiTouch Control Panel 

Vactor’s innovative IntuiTouch Control Panel is one of the highlights of iMPACT. This system includes rotating controls for individualized maximum comfort, E-stops at all control points for increased safety, glove-friendly tactile buttons, Multi-Flow control dial that gives total control of the water system, a boom joystick with a telescoping feature and full mobility, and a hose reel joystick that significantly improves response time and pays in and out of the direction of the hose reel. 

An Economical Choice for Municipalities 

Vactor’s iMPACT is perfect for smaller-scale applications. Suitable for cleaning sanitary and storm sewers, catch basins, lift stations and laterals, we love its maneuverability and small footprint. Like its larger cousins from Vactor, such as the 2100i, the iMPACT gives us the IntuiTouch control system we love. All operational systems can be controlled with one touch for fast PTO activation and engagement inside the cab. Outside, the rotating control panel gives immediate data and features a touch screen that can be used even while wearing gloves. 

Don’t be fooled by iMPACT’s smaller size — this combo sewer cleaner packs a real punch thanks to the Jet Rodder water pump. Tough blockages are no match for the jackhammer action, but smooth flow is delivered for root cutting and general cleaning. 

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