Vactor Sewer Cleaners Combine Comfort with Performance

The new Vactor 2100i sewer cleaner perfectly melds powerful performance with ease-of-use. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, the innovative sewer cleaner reduces operator fatigue, speeds work and lets operators focus on the work at hand instead of the machine doing it.

Incredible Innovations

  • New IntuiTouch single in-cab screen control that makes PTO and Transfer Case Activation possible with the push of a button.
  • An IntuiTouch operator control station featuring a single control panel that increases ease and comfort for the operator during each and every sewer cleaning function.
  • Easy monitoring of critical data thanks to a new 7-inch screen with easy-to-read presentation.
  • New optional RBD 1015 Rapid Deployment Boom that telescopes out to a remarkable 10 feet and extends the debris hose down 15 feet, reducing the need for more tubes and making set-up and tear-down faster and easier than ever before.
  • New optional wireless controls that include handheld remotes and an updated belly pack for monitoring operational functions easily when working away from the truck.

Additional Features

  • A JetRodder Water Pump designed specifically for sewer cleaning and provides a smooth continuous flow through its entire operating range.
  • A Multi-Flow system that allows operators to adjust the flow as needed, resulting in greater fuel economy without cutting performance.
  • A unique air filtration and routing system that allows for faster, safer and more productive work.
  • An enhanced operator experience thanks to high ground clearance, quieter engine design and a lower water fill point.
  • Water tanks that feature superior corrosion resistance and built with high-strength light weight aluminum for the ultimate capacity.

For nearly 50 years, Vactor has been the industry leader when it comes to designing and building sewer cleaners that drive productivity, increase efficiency and enhance operator performance. To learn more about the new Vactor 2100i or to schedule a FREE demo, contact the team at Haaker today!

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