Rental Sewer Cleaners in Los Angeles Combat Clogged Lines During Coronavirus Pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, professional cleaning and sanitizing of our communities, states and cities is more vital than ever before. The pandemic is changing every aspect of our lives — from how we work to how we learn, shop and socialize. It’s also changing the way we clean and use rental sewer cleaners in Los Angeles.

The CDC recommends frequently cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, railings and lightswitches to protect against coronavirus. This is great advice, and we are happy millions of Americans are following it. However, it’s lead to an unintended consequence: wastewater infrastructure that’s clogged with disposable wipes. 

The influx of wet wipes is wreaking havoc on our wastewater systems. These products are incompatible with sewer systems and pumps, and they are designed to be strong to keep from disintegrating in the user’s hands. 

While people have always flushed wipes, they haven’t done it in these numbers. 

In wastewater systems, disinfectant wipes can create sewer line blockages or wrap around and harm equipment. Even flushable wipes aren’t really safe for sewer systems. 

Sewer line clogs are being reported across the country, often resulting in thousands of dollars in damages and hours of work to fix them. The maintenance and cleanup costs associated with disinfectant wipes are growing. 

Vactor Sewer Cleaners at Haaker Equipment Company


Rental Sewer Cleaners in Los Angeles from Haaker 

If your city or community is dealing with clogged sewer lines, our rental Vactor sewer cleaners can help. These trucks, like the Vactor 2100i Fan or the Vactor 2100i PD, are built around the operator and feature revolutionary control systems, superior vacuum performance, unmatched control and comfort and efficiency that is second to none. You can view our inventory of sewer cleaners here, and please contact us if you’d like to learn more or see one of our sewer cleaners in action. 

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