Inactivate Coronavirus Pathogens with Viral Disinfection Deluxe Kit

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen around the world and in our own cities and states, it is essential that we do all we can to reduce its spread. According to the CDC, proper hand washing, social distancing and cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces and objects are the keys to reducing the spread and “flattening the curve.” 


Multi-Clean’s Viral Disinfection Deluxe Kit inactivates viral pathogens, including coronavirus. This convenient kit allows anyone to quickly and easily make disinfectant solutions that work on high-touch surfaces, including door knobs, telephones, door frames, light switches, chairs, desks, window sills, bed frames and more. 

Each kit includes one viral disinfectant concentrate, one mixing bottle, four empty quart bottles, four microfiber towels and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. 

Learn more about the kit and order yours today from our subsidiary, Total Clean Equipment. Click here to learn more!

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