Revolutionize Your Sewer Inspections with Envirosight’s WinCan Software

Envirosight’s WinCan sewer inspection software is a true game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their sewer inspection, maintenance, and rehab processes. With WinCan, you can break out of data silos and consolidate all your asset data onto a single AI-powered platform. This asset-centric approach allows you to interpret inspection findings holistically, making it easier to make smarter decisions about sewer inspection, maintenance, and rehab.

Envirosight WinCan Software being used to show sewer inspection data by two workers

Streamline Your Sewer Inspection Process

WinCan offers a variety of features to streamline your sewer inspection process. With over 50 available defect catalogs, including PACP/MACP and WRc, gathering standards-compliant data has never been easier. Built-in tools streamline code lookup, feature measurement, and header prepopulation, saving you time and effort.

Visualizing asset condition system-wide is a breeze with WinCan’s mapping feature. With granularity down to individual observations, you can assign work orders, track the progress of your crews, and use visualization tools like heat maps to understand where defects are clustered.

If you’re using laser profiling or side scanning, WinCan has advanced tools for viewing the data and marking up deliverables. The virtual 3D view, pipe geometry creation, feature auto-recognition, and heat mapping features allow you to review scans efficiently and focus your attention where it’s needed.

Build a Full Model of Your Collection System

WinCan’s modeling feature is another standout component. By using data from XYZ sensors and WinCan’s image measurement tools, WinCan can build a full model of your collection system. When combined with geometry from laser scans pipelines (with ROVVER X) and manholes (with Cleverscan), a “digital twin” of your actual infrastructure begins to emerge.

When it’s time to present your inspection data, WinCan’s reporting tools come in handy. With modifiable templates, you can present data for quick comprehension with customized branding.

Save Time with the Rehab Planning Module

Lastly, WinCan’s rehab planning module is a huge time-saver. By comparing collection system condition against cost tables for regionally available rehab methods, WinCan prepares a detailed rehab plan and budget, saving you days of analysis and guesswork.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your sewer inspection, maintenance, and rehab needs, Envirosight’s WinCan software is a must-have. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, WinCan is sure to make your sewer inspection process more efficient and effective. Contact us today to learn more about this groundbreaking sewer inspection solution!

About Envirosight

Envirosight is a leading manufacturer of sewer inspection equipment designed to help municipalities, contractors, and engineers make informed decisions about their wastewater infrastructure. The company offers a range of products, including CCTV inspection systems, push cameras, zoom cameras, and crawlers, that provide a comprehensive view of the sewer system’s condition.

One of Envirosight’s most popular products is the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler. This high-performance inspection tool can navigate through a wide range of pipe sizes, shapes, and materials, providing operators with a clear view of the sewer system’s condition. The ROVVER X crawler is equipped with advanced features like laser profiling, side-scanning, and sonar imaging, which allow operators to collect detailed information about pipe condition, such as cracks, defects, and sediment buildup. With its innovative technology and user-friendly interface, Envirosight’s sewer inspection equipment helps customers identify problem areas quickly, plan maintenance and rehabilitation projects effectively, and ultimately save time and money.

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