Safer Street Sweeping with Elgin

Sweeper and operator safety are our top priorities here at Haaker. Elgin shares this commitment and is always improving operator safety, comfort and performance with each one of their street sweepers. Here are just some of the key features included on our Elgin street sweepers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas:

  • Backup alarms (standard)
  • Dust suppression systems that reduce the risk of obscured or clouded vision
  • Sweeper gear that automatically raises when in reverse, promoting both operator and public safety
  • Dump controls on the sweeper’s curb side (instead of the street side) to keep operators away from moving debris and traffic
  • Rearview cameras
  • Control interlocks to make sure that dumping is only done when the sweeper is in neutral with the parking brake set
  • Side cameras
  • Overload switches that alert the operator to safe gradients when dumping on an incline
  • A multitude of mirror configurations to reduce blind spots
  • Rear-axle airbags that deflate before dumping on mechanical sweepers and offer greater stability
  • Sweeper and chassis lighting packages that include highly-visible LED lighting
  • Hopper scissors safety prop
  • In-cab warning light to indicate equipment status
  • Hopper and door safety props
  • Reflective decals

Performing daily checks on your street sweeper can also increase safety and prevent small issues from becoming big problems. Check out this walk-through safety check on the RegenX from Elgin to understand what you should consider before every shift:


See all of these features for yourself by scheduling a demo with Haaker today. In the meantime, learn more about our line of Elgin mechanical broom street sweepers here and Elgin air sweepers for sale here.

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