Sewer Cleaning Accessories that Boost Efficiency

Having the right tools is essential for sewer pipe maintenance professionals. They are the key to meeting heavy workloads and solving complex cleaning challenges. While vacuum trucks are the foundation of these efforts, the right tools and accessories can ramp up performance and save you labor, time and resources along the way.

If you want to operate safely, efficiently, quickly and more cost-effectively, the right accessories are necessary. Take a look at these tools and accessories to learn how they can optimize your performance on the job.

The Right Nozzles

Hose nozzles are used every day for cleaning storm, sewer and sanitary lines. Our nozzles for sale in Los Angeles direct pressurized water to remove obstructions like grease, mineral buildup, sludge and silt. This is required for many maintenance tasks and to get pipes ready for relining.

Hose nozzles are rated based on the efficiency they provide. Tier 3 nozzles are the most efficient, coming in with 75 to 98% efficiency. Tier 2 nozzles are 50 to 60% efficient, and Tier 1 nozzles are 30% efficient. Most sewer trucks are equipped with Tier 2 nozzles, which may be adequate for some work.

We highly recommend upgrading to a Tier 3 nozzle to increase efficiency. Tier 3 nozzles are especially important to consider in you live in an area where fresh water is scarce because these accessories deliver more efficient fluid mechanics and prevent water waste while reducing operating pressure.

Our inventory of nozzles for sale in Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas include Tier 3 options from KEG technologies. These nozzles offer tight water patterns to effectively clean pipe walls while creating powerful streams of water to push debris long distances.

The Right Sewer Line Cameras

Want to assess pipe conditions without a CCTV truck? Cameras are the answer! Our sewer cameras from Envirosight can locate pipe offsets, collapses and infiltration while avoiding the many obstacles that could trap a nozzle.

Without cameras, your sewer truck operators are essentially going in blind. Once you can see what is happening inside the pipe, the work becomes much more efficient, safe and productive.

Having the right accessories can really boost the speed and performance of your sewer cleaning crew. To learn more about our sewer cleaning accessories or to schedule your free nozzle or camera demo, contact Haaker today!

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