Everything is Possible with Envirosight Sewer Cameras

Want to do everything?

The RovverX from Envirosight makes it possible. With this crawler, you can control inspections, record and view digital video, log observations, create reports and link straight to asset-management software. All of these abilities are packed into one three-piece, simple layout, with no other components to clutter your workspace.

This crawler gets its capabilities from a powerful digital backbone with limitless possibilities. Today, you can add side-scanning, lateral launches and laser profiling. In the future, you’ll get all the latest features and support because the firmware updates automatically — one less thing to worry about.

The RovverX is also built to withstand all the rigors of sewer work. Use the 12 wheel options to transform it to whatever configuration you need to inspect any line. Obstacles are easy to steer around with the six-wheel drive, and it can climb offsets better than tracks thanks to its overlapping wheels. Want to see it and other Envirosight sewer cameras in action for yourself? Contact us today to schedule your free demo!

Maneuver Past Obstacles

– Zero-degree turning for pivoting curved inverts.
– Minimal drag thanks to lightweight Kevlar cable.
– Proportional steering to maximize agility.
– Overlapping 6-wheel drive for climbing over debris and offsets.

Envirosight Sewer Cameras Inspect with Intelligence

– Auto-updates mean you always get the latest features.
– Support for side-scanning, lateral launch and laser profiling applications.
– Status can be viewed from dozens of onboard sensors.
– Access to lifetime operating history.
– Concurrent control of multiple crawler functions.

Envirosight Rovver X sewer inspection camera in use

Envirosight Sewer Cameras Adapt to Every Challenge

– 12 quick-change wheel options.
– Easy updates for pendant functionality.
– Many accessories available, including auxiliary lamps, motorized camera lift, large diameter carriage.
– Three crawler body sizes to address applications from 4 to 96 inches in diameter.

Focus on What’s Important

– Control all system functions from a handheld pendant.
– Generate reports effortlessly.
– Enter observations on a touchscreen interface.
– Record video and images to onboard memory.

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