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Spotlight on the RegenX Mid-Dump Regenerative Air Sweeper from Elgin

Customer feedback played a central role in Elgin’s design of the RegenX mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper. The result is a machine that is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain while still delivering the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Elgin.

RegenX Features

  • Available on non-CDL chassis
  • Roll-off dump height with 50-degree dump angle and large hopper
  • Easy to clean thanks to simple hopper, cable-controlled drop-down screens and easy-access washout doors for pickup head and dust separator
  • Easy to service with bolt-on wear parts wherever possible, simple design and easy-to-access components
  • Highly efficient performance

Want a sweeper that’s easy to wash? RegenX delivers.

Want a sweeper that’s easy to operate? RegenX delivers.

Want a sweeper that’s easy to service? RegenX delivers.

See the RegenX in action for yourself by scheduling your free demo today!