NiteHawk Raptor II Street Sweeper: Nothing Else Like It!

Need the ultimate performance in the most diverse operating environments? The NiteHawk Raptor II is the answer. The result of over 35 years of field testing and inspired design, this street sweeper for sale in Los Angeles at Haaker has the most advanced hydraulic system on the planet, giving you the power to sweep anything you toss in front of it.

But powerful doesn’t mean loud — the Raptor II’s reliable, quiet operation means you can clean where no other sweeper can. Efficient, powerful and silent. There’s no other street sweeper like it.

Benefits of the NiteHawkRaptor II Street Sweeper

High visibility: Get safety, visibility and maneuverability with the low cab forward design

Driver friendly design: No CDL requirement, simple operation and training

Innovative controls: User friendly controls can be customized for any operator

Longevity: NightHawk has been making the world’s best sweepers for over four decades

Advanced hydraulics: Get reliability and power where you need it most

5 year warranty: You read that right — it’s the longest warranty of any street sweeper manufacturer

Lowest cost of operation: You get efficient performance for less

Stealth sweeping system: The quietest performance of any street sweeper on the market today

If that doesn’t convince you that the Raptor II is the best street sweeper for any municipal environment, check out these standard features:

The NightHawk Raptor II is the ideal street sweeper for a huge range of applications, including:

Airports / Stadiums / Colleges / Fairgrounds / Malls / Factories / Hospitals / Parks / Cities / Highways / Counties / Buildings / Schools / Ports / Paved trails / Event spaces / Power plants / Highways / Parking decks/ Construction sites and more!

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