Rental Sewer Cleaners in Phoenix for Clogged Pipes

First, the good news: Many Americans are following the recommendations of the CDC to frequently clean and sterilize their doorknobs, countertops, faucets, railings and other frequently-touched surfaces. Now for the bad news: Too many are tossing the paper towels, disinfectant wipes and other products in the toilet. That\’s where our rental sewer cleaners in Phoenix come in. 

The nation’s pipes are now under strain as a result, and from coast to coast, cities are experiencing overflowing toilets and backed-up sewer lines. 

The issues has been compounded by a nationwide shortage of toilet paper due to hoarding behavior. The lack of TP on store shelves has led many to reach for baby wipes, napkins or paper towels as alternatives, but while these products may go down the drain, they don’t break down like actual toilet paper. Even “flushable” wipes can clog pipes and get in the way of sewage collection and treatment. 

Worst of all, flushing these products can cause overflows at wastewater treatment facilities, leading to a serious public health risk while we are already trying to battle the coronavirus pandemic. 

Vactor Rental Sewer Cleaners in Phoenix

If your municipality is suddenly faced with clogged sewers, our powerful lineup of proven Vactor sewer cleaners for rent can help. Our rental department is working hard to make sure you get the equipment you need, when you need it. As always, we are dedicated to serving you and our country’s industrial infrastructure. 

Our rental sewer cleaners in Phoenix can collect and convey materials from great distances from the machine, ensuring the safety and health of your team. They can store up to 800 feet of large-diameter hose, allowing them to conduct liquids to remote or hard-to-reach areas like subways or elevated platforms or behind large structures. Additionally, these cleaners are integrated with “Smart Truck” features that require less manpower to run. A Vactor truck with a mounted setter and rodder can easily be operated by just one person. 

To learn more about our heavy-duty sewer cleaners for rent, contact us today. 

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