Used Street Sweepers Help Maintain Communities

Street sweeping should be part of every community‚Äôs regular maintenance routine. When it isn’t, litter, debris and trash can start piling up in the streets, causing hazards to both pedestrians and motorists. Mechanical street sweepers make easy work of this clean up, ensuring your streets are clean, safe and attractive.

Heavy Construction Debris

Construction projects commonly produce huge amounts of dust and debris, which can be blown away or spilled over by trucks on the road around the site. Without regular cleanup, adjacent roads can be covered with dust and debris on a regular basis throughout the duration of the project. It is crucial to clear the streets of these materials, as they may pose danger to vehicles and passersby. Only heavy-duty street sweepers can handle this type of debris and dispose of it quickly to prepare the streets for another busy day.

Street Maintenance

For bustling cities where almost all streets are busy every day, manual cleaning simply isn\’t a viable option. Apart from requiring lots of labor, many types of debris are difficult (if not impossible) to fully remove using a broom. A mechanical street sweeper can handle almost all types of dirt and finish the job several times faster, saving your city time and money.

After a Storm

Hurricanes and other serious storms carry with them strong winds and rains that blow off leaves, tree branches, and other objects onto the roads. Surface runoff may also fill the road with mud and sand, which can particularly be difficult to remove. If not taken care of right away, these materials may clog drainage systems and cause more flooding. You need powerful street sweepers to eliminate them altogether.

After a Special Community Celebration

Parades, concerts, outdoor bazaars, and rallies are among the typical events that take place in most city centers. They leave with them a huge amount of trash that has to be removed as quickly as possible to make the roads passable and safe again. The local government can use a combination of manual and mechanical street sweeping services to get the job done fast.

Local governments should invest in vacuum trucks for sale if they want to improve their services. To save money, they can select used street sweepers in Phoenix, which are much less expensive but perform just as efficiently. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule a free demo!

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