Used Street Sweepers for Sale in Los Angeles: Save on Elgin Crosswind

If you’re looking for a versatile, reliable regenerative air sweeper, look no further than the Elgin Crosswind and Haaker. Our inventory of used street sweepers for sale in Los Angeles includes two Crosswinds that combine superior performance with low maintenance needs. Contractors and municipalities love the Crosswind for its wide sweeping path and user-friendly controls, and it exemplifies the exacting quality standards that have made Elgin a leading sweeper manufacturer.

Powerful Cleaning System

Our Elgin Crosswind used street sweepers for sale in Los Angeles feature a highly efficient air conveyance system, high productivity sweep system and innovative Ecoinfused Sharedpower Technology.


Efficient air flow is at the heart of the Crosswind: High volume air flow at high velocity rustles in exceptional one-pass pickup while eliminating plugging that can occur in similar sweepers. A nine-vane closed face turbine fan is powered by a turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine for maximum airflow. A centrifugal dust separator minimizes pressure loss and maximizes sweep performance and fan life.

The sweep path picks up debris close to the curb and across a wide area: A 90 in. wide pick-up head and dual hydraulically-driven, 42 in. side brooms provide a 12 ft-wide sweep path. Work with the brooms fully extended or add the optional full broom retract feature for heavy-duty scrubbing action in front of the pick-up head. The vacuum enhancer also facilitates sweeping under both light and bulky debris conditions.

Crosswind’s patented shared power system delivers proven performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and lower noise levels at engine-rated speeds: The system was developed to share chassis power when using a 74 hp auxiliary engine to ensure maintenance of outstanding sweep performance while providing a simple emission-compliant solution that doesn’t involve complex, higher maintenance and expensive exhaust after-treatment devices. Typically, the chassis engine is underutilized while sweeping, but SharedPower technology taps into that unused potential, allowing power to be hydraulically transferred to and shared with the auxiliary engine.

Compact design: The sweeper mounts on conventional or cab-over chassis with short wheelbases, enabling a tight turning radius for better reach in cul-de-sac sweeping and increased maneuverability around tight corners.

High-performance sweeper engine: The heavy-duty John Deere 4045T Diesel engine delivers incredible power and extended service life.

High capacity, efficient loading: The 8 cu yard capacity hopper provides extended sweeping time. Abrasion-resistant steel inlet deflector directs debris flow to the hopper’s center, ensuring even, efficient material loading for maximum capacity utilization.

Superior dust suppression: Two heavy-duty water pumps are easy to access and capable of run-dry operation. The durably 240 gallon polyethylene water tank is easily removable for service, and ample water is provided by 16 high quality, agricultural-grade water nozzles – all in easy-to-access locations.

Simple, easy maintenance: The Elgin Crosswind is designed so that systems are accessible and easy to service. Large access doors allow for easy and fast inspection of the auxiliary engine, electrical, water and hydraulic systems without tilting the hopper. Heavy-duty waterproof electrical connectors and color-coded wires have stamped identification for quick location during troubleshooting, and the hydraulic system is designed for long life and leak-free operation.

Interested in getting all these features for less? Check out our used Eligin Crosswind street sweepers for sale here!

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