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Vactor Rental Companies: How Vacuum Trucks Work

vactor-truck-rentalEveryone has seen it, at least once, driving through the streets. Most municipal workers and contractors are familiar with it, but have you ever wondered how exactly Vactor truck parts work and how it helps maintain the cleanliness of your municipality?

While some of you might think that this is not a subject worth delving into, understanding how it works can actually let you see those Vactor truck rentals in a whole new light – one that highlights its efficiency and practicality when it comes to municipal waste management.

The Science behind Vactor Trucks

The famous brand, Vactor, has become synonymous with vacuum trucks ever since its early conception. Vacuum trucks, as the name might imply, pneumatically load slurries, sludge, liquids, and solids with the use of suction lines.

The mechanical genius of a Vactor truck is simple enough to understand, though you really have to see it in action to fully appreciate how it works. First, a vacuum pump empties the tank of air with use of centrifugal force in its rotary veins, creating a perfect void inside the tank.

As the tank is filled up with the material to its limit, it is followed immediately by primary and secondary shutoffs to prevent spilling the material to the pumps. Hence, the primary and secondary shutoff valves are two of the most important Vactor truck parts so it is imperative that both are meticulously and regularly maintained to stay in perfect working conditions. Not taking good care if these two parts will eventually lead to a very expensive repair and part replacement to get it to work again.

The vacuum truck’s effectiveness is usually measured by how many cubic per feet of air the pump can move at any given time.

How Vactor Trucks Help Keep Your Municipal Sewers Clean

There are many industries that require the use of some type of vacuum truck, but the majority of the business usually goes to one of the biggest concern of this country – that is, human waste disposal.

This is where vacuum trucks really come in handy as the vacuum generated by the pump is well-suited to contain hazardous and potentially infectious wastes. Thus, a single Vactor truck rental performs so much service for the community by keeping your municipal sewage system clean by government standards.

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