Why Our Used Street Sweepers in the Central Valley are a Smart Investment

As urban environments continue to expand, the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our streets cannot be overstated. Street sweepers play a crucial role in preserving the aesthetic appeal of our cities, enhancing safety, and contributing to overall public health. For operations in the Central Valley, buying used street sweepers offers an array of benefits.

The Value of Street Sweepers: More Than Meets the Eye

Street sweepers do more than just keeping our streets clean. They help to prevent pollutants and debris from entering storm drains, thus protecting our water sources. Moreover, street sweepers contribute to safety by reducing the risk of accidents caused by debris on the road. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban environments, contributing to a sense of community pride and encouraging tourism.

Uncovering the Benefits of Used Street Sweepers in the Central Valley

Opting for used street sweepers in the Central Valley offers distinct advantages:

Cost Efficiency: Used equipment often comes with a much lower price tag compared to new models. This allows you to maximize your budget and allocate funds to other areas of your operations.

Reliability: Used street sweepers have been field-tested and proven to work effectively in real-life situations. This provides peace of mind knowing that your equipment can handle the job at hand.

Sustainability: By opting for used equipment, you contribute to a more sustainable business model by extending the life of existing machinery and reducing waste.

Spotlight: The Elgin Crosswind – A Reliable Choice Among Used Street Sweepers

When considering used street sweepers in the Central Valley, the Elgin Crosswind stands out. Available in our inventory for 2017 and 2018 models, this regenerative air sweeper is a perfect blend of versatility and reliability.

With an efficient air flow system at its heart, the Crosswind ensures superior performance while keeping maintenance to a minimum. It provides a wide sweeping path that is suited for municipalities, contractors, airport applications, and general maintenance sweeping.

The Crosswind also comes in an alternative fuel variant using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), further promoting environmental sustainability. With a 60 Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) of fuel range, it’s a practical choice for regions with established CNG infrastructure.

Key features of the Crosswind include:

• Highly efficient air conveyance system

• Ecoinfused shared power technology

• High capacity/efficient loading

• Powerful blower

• Ergonomic controls

Choosing a used Elgin Crosswind not only delivers an effective cleaning solution but also aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability and cost efficiency. Consider adding this robust machine to your fleet and experience the benefits of used street sweepers in the Central Valley first hand. Click here for pricing and more info on these used units.

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