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Common Types to Look Into when Looking for a Street Sweeper for Sale

Thanks to today’s technology, street sweepers come in various models and designs, each with their own special features and means of keeping a space sanitary. For contractors or public organizations looking for an efficient street sweeper for sale, it’s important to know exactly which type will best suit their needs. If you are one of these people, here are common sweepers to look into:

Common Types to Look Into when Looking for a Street Sweeper for Sale

The Mechanical Broom

Possibly the simplest and one of the most common is the sweeper equipped with a simple broom attachment. This is used to clean large debris like chunks of gravel, millings and garbage, as it simply picks them up with the broom and sends them over a conveyor where they will be delivered to a hopper for disposal.

Pure Vacuum Sweeper

The pure vacuum sweeper works much like a giant vacuum cleaner – sucking in debris and depositing it into a hopper. Since it uses air instead of a mechanical broom, it can be used for rough roads and uneven terrain, such as potholes, which the broom attachment might not reach. It is also one of the most efficient systems, clearing out as much as 99% of debris.

Regenerative Air System

Another common street sweeper is the regenerative air system, which Public Works magazine describes as:

“Full-sized models use a blast of air the width of the sweeping head to dislodge and lift surface material into an airstream that moves the material across the sweeper into a vacuum hose, where it’s lifted into the debris hopper. In general recirculating mode, the amount of vacuum airflow is equal to the amount of pressurized airflow, causing the air to continually flow through a “regenerative loop.””

Waterless Dust Control

This equipment relies on a fan and filter system combined with a mechanical broom attachment. It doesn’t use water, so it’s an excellent choice for sweeping streets in freezing temperatures, not to mention these can also be used in industrial applications like removing cement and water-reactive compounds.

Companies like HAAKER can provide you with a quality street sweeper; you only need to know which one suits your specific application preferences. Moreover, while you’re at it, you should also look into trusted brands like the Elgin street sweeper line, as they are commonly known to be durable and efficient.

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