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sewer cameras indispensable

Sewer Cameras: Indispensable Sewer Inspection Equipment

sewer cameras indispensableThink about all the sewage that all the homes in your area produce. Every time a person takes a bath, brushes his teeth or washes his clothes, water travels through those pipelines. The thing is, drainpipes not only carry liquid waste, but solid waste as well. From dirt to soap to oil and scum, when these solid waste materials stick to sewer walls and accumulate over time, the result is a clogged sewer system that can impede the drainage functions of an entire community.

It’s not every day that you can successfully remove blockages from a sewer system. More than that, it’s not every day that you’ll know what’s causing the clogs in the first place. For that, you’re going to need a sewer camera to inspect your drainage system, locate the cause of the blockage, and identify what it is so you can employ the correct steps to unclog it. Below are the three winning characteristics that make sewer cameras an indispensable tool for efficient, economical and comfortable sewer inspections:


Supreme versatility

Sewer lines and systems are a diverse bunch—they come in different types, sizes, shapes, materials, etc. For sure, you don’t want to purchase a new inspection device every time you have to check a different pipe. Dynamic sewer viewing products such as those from Envirosight are versatile devices that can significantly increase inspection efficiency while minimizing operation time, thanks to their highly scalable design that can adapt to specific inspection requirements within seconds.

Utmost precision

The best sewer cameras in the market can provide clear and crisp images of pipeline intrusions. They are made to withstand significant pressure and abrasive conditions in order to deliver high-definition images that are critical to finding the right sewer problem solution.

Unparalleled portability

Quality sewer camera products are easy to transport and set up, not to mention they often come with easy-to-understand assembly and operation instructions. A sewer inspection task is made worlds easier by these devices, ensuring that your sewer system is in tiptop shape before you proceed with the unclogging.

In most cases, sewer inspection is only necessary whenever problems erupt in the sewer system. However, it pays to perform the task regularly to ensure you can get to a problem before it goes out of hand. Contact an established sewer inspection equipment dealer like Haaker Equipment Company to find the right sewer cameras for your needs.