Can’t Hear Your Two-Way Radios? Get the Sonetics Solution

Two-way radios are a staple on many work crews who rely on them to connect with dispatch or other team members, but they have their limitations. Radios aren’t optimal for communicating in high-noise environments, when communication needs to flow effortlessly, or in applications where both hands need to be focused on work.

High Noise Environments

How often do is “say again?” your typical response on a two-way radio? In high noise environments like construction areas, you are competing to be heard over the elements and equipment noises. In excavation, you’re battling the drill and potentially confined spaces. In manufacturing, it’s industrial machinery making too much noise for effective communication.

When two-way radios are the prominent communication tool in high-noise environments, the result can be frustrating, challenging and even dangerous. In each one of the examples mentioned above, solid communications can make the difference between safety on the job and injuries.

Complete Focus

Pressing and holding the push-to-talk button on a two-way radio requires taking one hand away from your work. Sometimes that’s just fine, but if your hand is controlling a steering wheel or power tool, both hands are needed for safety and productivity.

Jobs that require this level of focus need more than two-way radios for effective, safe communications.

No Room for Miscommunication

At many worksites, there’s no room for miscommunication. When emergencies happen, a warning or call for help must be heard by the entire team. Two-way radios just don’t cut it in these situations. You need full-duplex communication provided by Sonetics Wireless Headsets.

Sonetics Wireless Radio Headsets for teams communications

The Ideal Solution: Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Connect your team with hands-free, reliable, wireless communication with our Sonetics Wireless Headsets in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas. These headsets ensure interference-free, full-duplex communications for each and every member of your team.

In high-noise environments, these units provide incredible hearing protection. Communicating is as easy as talking normally and listening — no need to use the PTT and take a hand away from your work. And best of all, with Sonetics, every team member can communicate and listen confidently, creating a productive, safe work environment.

No matter your industry, there’s a Sonetics Wireless Headset to make your work safer and more efficient. Contact Haaker today to learn more.

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