Elgin Innovations: First Hybrid-Electric Street Sweepers in Los Angeles and Nation

We’ve had a lot to celebrate here in Los Angeles lately — the Rams won the Super Bowl and (admittedly less exciting to most but very exciting for us), the city began using the nation’s first hybrid-electric street sweepers.

The plug-in hybrid Broom Bears from Elgin are the first in the US to run on battery-electric power and compressed natural gas.

As LA Mayor Eric Garcetti stood in front of the pair of sweepers at the StressLA North Hollywood service yard, he said “We’re looking at a different sort of championship that we are so proud to hold, which is around environmental stewardship, to make sure that here in this beautiful city we’re confronting the biggest challenge of our lives: Climate change.”

Nicknamed Malcolm and Angus after the guitarists in AC/DC, the sweepers burn up to 30% less fossil fuel compared with traditional street sweepers that run on compressed natural gas. Their introduction to service was part of StreetsLA’s new Center for Green Innovation, which will develop and test near-zero and zero-emissions street service equipment.

The hybrid Broom Bears are the result of a partnership between Elgin and Executive Director of StreetsLA Keith Mozee and Greg Spotts, Chief Sustainability Officer. Sports and Mozee reached out to Elgin to ask about electrifying their fleet, and Elgin developed the hybrid models based on their feedback.

The hybrid street sweepers in Los Angeles feature a battery that can power cleaning functions for an eight-hour shift along with two natural gas fuel tanks. This results in 25 to 30% fewer emissions and will help the city transition toward greener energy.

Elgin’s standard Broom Bear street sweeper already improved upon emissions with its use of compressed natural gas. As more an more cities, including Los Angeles, began phasing out more polluting diesel, the Broom Bear became a sought-after alternative.

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