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sewer cleaning truck equipment

How to Choose the Best Sewer Cleaning Truck Equipment for Your Needs

With new residential and business areas popping up left and right, the sewer and septic business is an ever growing one, and success is almost guaranteed for those who can invest in equipment to service septic customers or clean sewers and drains. Granted, sewer cleaning truck equipment does not come cheap, but with the right knowhow, even a startup company can buy the right trucks if they know what to look for.

Consider performance

When shopping for a sewer cleaning truck, look for vacuum pump technology that provides the operator with all the information he needs—including vacuum system speed, water flow, hose footage, etc.—to perform his job successfully. With such a system installed in the sewer truck, work can progress smoothly and speedily, with minimal disruption and down time.

sewer cleaning truck equipment

Consider ease of operation and maintenance

Like any piece of equipment, if you maintain your sewer truck properly, it’s going to serve you well for many years. So no matter what type of truck you select, stick to its regular maintenance schedule to ensure long life. The ergonomic design on equipment such as the Vactor 2100 Plus not make it easy to use, but easy to clean as well.

Size matters

With vacuum trucks, a larger pump does not instantly mean faster work. There are other factors to consider, including the dimensions of the sewer pipes, parking space, location of the job site, etc. Sewer cleaning equipment dealers like Haaker Equipment Company can provide specific equipment recommendations based on the work you intend to deliver, whether residential, commercial, etc.

Do some research

Research is essential to choosing the right sewer truck for your business. Read catalogs and trade magazines. Speak to people in the business to learn which type of sewer cleaning tools work for them and which business approaches they recommend. Similar businesses to yours that are outside your service area are usually more likely to share important information with you because you’re not directly competing for business.

Work with only one sewer equipment dealer

It’s best to stick with the same dealer for all your sewer equipment needs because it simplifies communication, servicing, ordering and other aspects of business operation. If you find a dealer that works for you, brand loyalty can pay off big in the long run.


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