Haaker Equipment Receives Envirosight Sales Partner Award

Earlier this month, we had the honor of receiving Envirosight’s 2021 Revenue Leadership award at the annual Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport (WWETT) show.

We love connecting our customers with Envirosight’s sewer crawlers, cameras, nozzles and other solutions that are essential for inspecting sewer and storm infrastructure. When you choose Envirosight, you’re choosing the most innovative wastewater technology, the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and the most rugged, versatile hardware available today.

Envirosight for Sewer Pipes

Envirosight is hands-down the most trusted name in buried asset inspection. Their versatile solutions power through the most rugged wastewater lines, documenting condition, identifying sources of inflow and infiltration, conduct thorough cleaning assessments and respond to emergency callouts.

Envirosight for Storm Pipes

When it comes to storm pipes, Envirosight’s video nozzle, zoom camera, side-scan crawler and other solutions ensure compliance and keep your system ready for extreme weather events. Need to traverse bends and navigate wyes in stormwater pipes? Their steerable inspection equipment makes it possible and provides essential data for maintenance and planning.

Manholes, Catch Basins and Pump Stations

Envirosight’s Manhold Scanner and Zoom Camera enable you to avoid confined space entry while conducting automated scans, cutting down on the cost and risk of inspecting and maintaining manholes.

Laterals and Cleanouts

No matter your access point, Envirosight solutions deliver detailed inspection footage. Whether you are identifying potentially dangerous cross bores, conducting pre-acceptance assessments or locating infiltration sources, lateral line inspections are necessary for keeping your system efficient and safe. Envirosight’s Push Camera and Lateral Launch Crawler provide detailed, quality footage.

View our inventory of Envirosight products for sale in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego here, and contact us today to schedule a demo with one of our sewer inspection specialists!

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