Elgin Whirlwind Street Sweeper in San Diego: Max Performance in an Easy to Operate Package

When you need a powerful vacuum sweeper but also want a machine that is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to clean, look no further than the Elgin Whirlwind. Perfect for general maintenance sweeping, contractors and municipalities, this street sweeper in San Diego represents the best in the industry. With Whirlwind, you get user-friendly controls, a high performance sweep system, customizable suction nozzle and a selection of customization options that make it the ideal choice.


Powerful Cleaning Performance

Efficient Air Conveyance System

The foundation of the Elgin Whirlwind street sweeper in San Diego is its vacuum source and air routing path. One-pass pickup is easy thanks to the high volume air flow at high velocity, fully eliminating the plugging that often occurs in other sweepers. A turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine powers a nine-vane closed face turbine fan for maximum airflow

High Productivity Sweep System

Debris close to the curb is easy to pick up thanks to the versatile sweep path of the Whirlwind. The system includes one or two suction nozzles, a centrally-mounted extension broom and trailing arm side brooms. Choose from 28- or 36-inch diameter trailing arm side brooms that may be operated simultaneously or individually for a sweep path of up to 144 inches. Large debris is easy to handle with the 11-in diameter suction hose. Inspect and clean the hose intake without raising the hopper using the quick disconnect.

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