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Why Sewer Cameras are Vital for Safer and Easier Sewer Inspections

Working in the sewer cleaning business can sometimes be a hazardous job. Business owners can do many things to ensure their safety, that of their staff, and the public when cleaning sewers, and one of the most simplest ways to improve safety is to use sewer cameras. Sewer cameras allow you to examine at a distance first, rather than inspecting hazardous sites personally. This makes the work more efficient and cost-effective, as well as less risky for all involved. Here’s how a camera system can make cleaning sewers safer and easier.

Smaller Pipes

There are some pipes that a worker could never fit into, as they are too small or bendy. Using a push camera inspection system, which can be maneuvered around pipe bends if necessary, technicians can examine the internal surfaces of even very small pipes.

Look for Blockages

If an attempt is made to clean a length of pipe without knowing what kind of debris and blockages are present, one of three things may happen: the job may be unsuccessful, machinery could break if it’s not equipped to deal with such a blockage, or people could be put at risk from a disturbance or breakage in the pipe.

Machines with the most suitable filtering systems, nozzles and vacuums can be selected for a cleaning job depending on the information a sewer camera records. Likewise, if the camera doesn’t detect any blockages, a less powerful piece of equipment can be used which will be more efficient and cost effective than a larger and more specialized one.

Prevent Dig Ups

Dig ups are not only inconvenient, but they can put people at risk too. There are additional hazards to consider, such as uneven ground causing slips and falls, and injury or ill health from debris. A sewer camera can be used to determine if a dig up is required, rather than assuming that it is without checking. It will be much cheaper for a sewer cleaning company in the long run if it takes time to inspect sewers with a camera before spending time and money on an unnecessary excavation.

Sewer cameras are important tools every sewer cleaning company should have. Don’t let your company or your staff be at a disadvantage by not including them in your equipment list.


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