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Get Vacuum Trucks and Street Sweepers for Sale

Why Construction Firms Should Get Vacuum Trucks and Street Sweepers for Sale

A clean environment is critical to a healthy and safe workplace. Vacuuming septic tanks and sludges as well as sweeping the grounds are two vital duties that companies should conduct properly and efficiently. If you’re in charge of buying equipment for your organization, you should learn about the value of purchasing vacuum trucks and street sweepers for sale to the welfare of your organization and its employees.

Vacuum Trucks for Septic Tanks, Liquids and Slurries

Vacuum trucks can perform a variety of tasks that are essential to the cleanliness and safety of working grounds. First, they are used to remove sludge from septic tanks. Tanks only have a limited time of storage, and some of them can safely store sludge for up to three years only. Beyond that, the tank accumulates too much sludge and solids removal subsequently becomes more difficult. As a result, solids (human excrement and other solid elements flowing into the tanks) escape into the soil absorption area and cause system failure. Wastewater may then be released into the surface and spread hazardous materials into your water lines and soil. Vacuum trucks ensure timely sludge removal for proper sanitation purposes.

Second, vacuum trucks suck liquids and slurries found in company floors, indoors or outdoors. If these liquids contain toxins, they can cause skin infections. If they emit hazardous gases, they can cause respiratory illnesses. Slippery floors cause slips and falls that endanger the lives of employees and may result in expensive lawsuits. Vacuum trucks for sale can prevent these health risks from liquids and sludges.

Street Sweepers for Proper Outdoor Cleaning

Your company might be interested in purchasing street sweepers as they serve important purposes. First, they can quickly and effectively clean all kinds of garbage outdoors. If you need a floor cleaned speedily for improved work productivity, street sweepers are perfect for the job. Second, street sweepers can protect the company from injury lawsuits as they remove solid particles that can cause tripping. Clean pavements also give the impression that you value order in the workplace. Third, sweeping controls pollution by cleaning outdoor grounds and ensuring clean water runs off into catch basins, especially during storms.

To select quality vacuum trucks, contact a company that sells only trusted brands. Likewise, purchase street sweepers with the features that match your cleaning requirements. Choose to deal with an industry leader that supplies these trucks and has a long track record for customer satisfaction in the industrial and contractor industries.


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