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The Best Sewer Cleaning Truck

The Best Sewer Cleaning Truck Equipment on the Market

When it comes to setting up a sewer cleaning business, one of the foremost concerns is to ensure you’ve got the right sewer cleaning tools. This means having sewer cleaning trucks that are powerful enough to handle the toughest vacuuming and cleaning tasks. This way, clients can be assured that their drains would not suddenly back up again. That assurance would go a long way in getting referrals and even repeat business in the future.

Here are some of the best sewer cleaning truck equipment models you should consider investing in:

Vactor 2100 Fan

The Vactor 2100 fan-type sewer cleaner has a centrifugal compressor vacuum that is designed to increase in power the deeper that it goes inside a sewer line. As the air would pass through the set of impellers, it would get an increase in pressure. This is quite critical in pulling debris up from relatively greater depths. At the same time, Vactor trucks also happen to be equipped with a JetRodder single-piston pump that increases the suction power to prevent any clogging inside the tube.

Vactor 2100 PD

The Vactor 2100 PD is a powerful sewer cleaner that has a 475-hp PD vacuum as well as a multi-stage blower filtration system. This multi-stage system is critical in making a sewer line thoroughly clean as it is able to remove both debris and fluids. At the same time, this prevents the blower from getting contaminated.

Vactor 2103

The Vactor 2103 is well known in the industry for its rapid response capability. In fact, that’s why this model is quite popular among various utility services. It’s effective in removing both debris and waste water from the sewers especially in the event of an emergency. You can also count on this model to perform both critical maintenance and repairs to storm water lines anytime.

Any of these sewer cleaning trucks will make sure your client’s sewer is free of any dirt or other obstructions in the drains. If you are not sure which sewer cleaning truck equipment is right for you, consult with the equipment company. So long as you have at least one these trucks in your business, you can get started serving clients and making some serious money.


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